Why Pick WLMG Hosting

We strive to be the best managed web hosting there is. We want our clients to be so happy that they stay with us forever.


Finding a great web host can be hard. You can stop searching!
Every client we host has told us they wish they would have found us sooner. We offer more perks than any other provider out there and we have super fast support! Want to know more? Read more below.

Regular Security Audits

We make sure everything on your site is up to date and secure. The last thing you want to deal with is a compromised website. We implement secret techniques that most people do not do with their sites. We make sure your site is super secure.

Regular Server Wide Image Optimization

That means we gather all the images from your site and compress theme using JPGmini technology. This results in much smaller file sizes with no visual loss in your images. This will save you space on your hosting package and make your site load faster!

Free SSLs

Having your site be secured with an SSL usually costs lots of money. We can provide them for free. If you care about your customer’s privacy & security as well as yours, you need an SSL on your site.

Top Notch Support

All packages come with email support. Higher level packages also get access to phone support. We are always monitoring our contact system. We strive to have the fastest response out there!

Regular Maintenance

We will regularly perform cleaning on your database and other files to ensure your site is running as fast as possible. A messy database can slow a website down big time! No need to worry anymore!

We Care

We care about every single client. You are not just a number. If you have a problem, reach out to us and we will do our best to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you go over resources on your account, we won’t just shut you off and leave your site down like most companies do. We will reach out to you first to see what we can do to upgrade your package. No need to worry about spikes in traffic!

Professional Level Hosting Packages Include Discounts & More

Pro Accounts can have changes made to their site free of charge. Contact for more details. Free Backup Service! No need to invest in our separate backup service.


For monthly pricing, click the sign-up button.

We can also have your sites email address integrate with Google Suite. What does that mean? That means your name@yoursite.com can be accessed via Gmail!