Project Abandonment Clause

We at wanted Logic Media Group like to work extremely fast and get the project done as soon as possible. If you do not provide us with information to help progress your project for more than two weeks your project will be considered abandoned and therefore completed. Once a project has been completed we cannot continue to work on your project without you repurchasing the desired website design package. If a client decides to drag out a project for an extended period of time we reserve the right to add additional fees or mark the project as completed


Project Details Clause

When providing us with details for your project we require that you think out and put your ideas into extreme detail on paper/email. We do not want clients to provide us with a mishmash of information that we have to decrypt. Please think about what exactly you want in your project before sending us any information. If we determine that the information you are providing is too cryptic or difficult to understand in any way we can decide to stop working on your project. We also require clients to send information via email in a detailed well-organized format. We do not accept information on any other platform such as Facebook or any other messaging service.


Web Design Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the web design product, we will not be able to provide you with a refund once we have started the design process of your website.


Web Hosting Refund Policy

Due to the nature of how we allocate resources for web hosting, you must contact us within 24 hours in order to receive a refund. This includes renewals of existing hosting accounts. After that 24-hour window has lapsed a refund will no longer be possible. Websites that require special hosting to be set up for them are not able to request a refund after the order has been made. 


Late Fee Policy

We reserve the right to add late fees to any service we provide if a client is late paying for their services.


Site Resources Policy

If your site starts to outgrow the resources we have allocated to it we will contact you. You may be required to upgrade your package or make changes to your website so they do not exceed the allocated resources.



Any content that violates any sort of law will be reported to the proper authorities.


Spam Policy

Spam of any sort will not be tolerated on any of our services. Content that is considered thin can also be considered spam


Sexual Content

Sexual content on sites is not allowed. Boudoir photography is permitted, however.


Drugs Policy

Promoting, using or linking to drugs or alcohol is not permitted.


Piracy & Illegal Content

No illegal content or promotion of illegal content is permitted.


Violence & Weapons

Content showing or promoting violence is not permitted. Linking to a site that sells firearms are also not permitted. Video games excluded.


Hate & Bullying

Content that promotes hate against a person or group of people is not permitted.


File Downloads / Digital Products

When purchasing a digital download product, you understand that you will be able to download the items only one time. If you download the file and you get an error or lose your file, you can contact us with your receipt/order number and we will allow you to download the file again. However, we can only allow you to download the file one additional time so please be sure to back up your files.


Data Deletion Policy

We reserve the right to shut off your website and delete your data if you are found in violation of any of our rules. Any violation of our rules voids your ability for refunds.


On-Going Design Service Policy

Customers that wish to keep us on a retainer like bases can opt in for a paid Ongoing Design Service. The Ongoing Design Service Is a monthly fee and allows users to send us a small list of items they may need to be changed on their website. This service is not designed for full site redesigns. Due to the nature of the service, refunds of any kind are not possible. Future Billings can be canceled, however.


Email Support Policy

We do not provide support for email addresses of any kind. We can provide a client with a website email address such as,  however, once that is set up we will no longer provide support on configuring it with any sort of third-party service or anything like that. The email service provided is provided as an “as is” state.


Disrespect Policy

Any client that is found disrespecting any staff member of Wanted Logic Media Group will have all of their services terminated and refunds of any kind will not be possible.

Terms Of Service Updates

We reserve the right to update our terms of service at any time without notification. It is a client’s responsibility to check up on our terms of service on a regular basis. On some rare occasions, we will notify clients of terms of service changes.