Hosting & Transactions Policies

Listed below are our policies regarding our web design services and web hosting services.

Web Design Refund Policy
Refunds are not possible on web design services once design work has begun.
Web Hosting Refund Policy
If you wish to cancel your web hosting with us and receive a refund, you must do so within the 24 hours of the renewal/purchase.
Late Fee Policy

We reserve the right to add late fees to any service we provide if a client is late in paying for their service(s).

Site Resources Policy
If your site starts to outgrow the resources allocated, we will contact you and you may need to upgrade your package.
Any content that violates US law will be reported to authorities.
Spam Policy
Spam of any sort will not be tolerated. Some thin content can be considered spam.
Sexual Content
Sexual content on sites is not allowed. Boudoir photography is permitted, however.
Promoting, using, linking to drugs or alcohol is not permitted.
Piracy & Illegal Content
No illegal content or promotion of illegal content is permitted.
Email Refund Policy

Users that wish to use Google Suite with their email addresses understand that if you have been billed for email services, refunds are not possible after you have been charged. If you want to cancel future billing, contact us. 

Violence & Weapons
Content showing or promoting violence is not permitted. Linking to a site that sells firearms are not permitted.
File Downloads / Digital Products

When purchasing digital download products, you understand that you will be able to download the items only one time. If for whatever reason when you download the file and you get an error or lose your file, you can contact us with your receipts/order number and we will allow you to download the file again. However, we can only allow you to download the file one additional time. So be sure to backup your files.

Hate & Bullying

Content that promotes hate against a person or group of people is not permitted.

Data Deletion Policy
We reserve the right to shut off your site and delete your data if you are found in violation of any of our rules. Any violation of our rules voids your ability for refunds.


Have questions? Reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer them!