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All packages come with the following: Hosting Setup, Mobile Friendly, Super Fast and Secure Site, 1 year of software updates, 1 year of backups, 1 year of maintenance, SEO Optimization, Contact us for easy changes, Easily edit the site yourself if you wish.

For every friend you refer you will get an extra month of Software Updates, Backups, Maintenance, SEO, and easy site changes.


Get Major Site Changes Fast With Rapid Site Redesign!

For an additional fee of 50% of your chosen package price, you will get an additional complete site re-design.  This is good for companies/sites that need to stay looking good all the time and stay with modern trends. The additional re-design expires after 1 year if it’s not used.

Purchasing this addon also adds another year of Software Updates, Backups, Maintenance, SEO, etc.

If you signed up for the standard package your total would come to $330.
$220(Package Price)+$110(50%)=$330


Email setup and training, as well as blog setup and training, will be done through a visual meeting on Skype or Google +. Any training done for your sites will be done the same. We also create a few short videos that you can look back on at any time.


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